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I didn’t set out to be a wedding photographer. In fact, I did my undergrad in Economics & Econometrics, and my BCom Hons in Strategic Management ☺

But at one juncture in my life, the love for beautiful imagery, the zeal for learning new things, and the passion for being present to raise our young kids led me on a journey that saw me replacing my heels and suits for chasing sunsets in sneakers.

I’m passionate about family, I really believe that when we do family well, our society will thrive. So, being a part of the start of a new family is something that’s special to me.

I love photography…with a big chunk of my heart!

Being able to freeze a significant memory like a wedding into beautiful, timeless, hiqh quality photographs is just amazing! Photographs are the pieces of our lives we get to treasure for a lifetime.

I feel truly privileged to do what I do. Being able to document the momentuous occasion that signifies the act of two people committing and promising to love each other for the rest of their lives is truly an honour for me.

When I’m not out documenting memories, you’ll most probably find me with my squad….discovering, learning, travelling, trying our best to live with intention and crafting our own unique story as we go along.

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